About Us

Gael Cooper is a business woman with much diversity. A successful rancher for over 20 years, a nurse, business owner , employee, published childrens author and speaker, Gael brings a unique perspective to the business world. As President and owner of Tierra Diosa Consulting Inc. (an energy advisory company for new housing) Gael has been involved in the revamp of Building Science courses for NRCan, and was instrumental in the development of a manual on running a successful business for NRCan.

Gael Cooper has been working in the residential housing industry since 2004. Beginning with EnerVision Gael has fulfilled such roles as: the administrator for the Built Green™ Society of Canada, supervisor of Certified Energy Advisors (CEA’s) in Alberta and British Columbia, EnerGuide for New Houses administrator, R-2000 administrator, and builder training program coordinator. She was instrumental in organizing builder training for the North West Territories and was a member of the original team that created the Built Green™ database. She was directly and indirectly involved with database development over the next three years.

Gael has enjoyed her position as “special” liaison with the NRCan team for the last 10 years. Gael has successfully completed builder training, training in HOT2000 modelling and train-the-trainer training for CEA’s.

Upon leaving EnerVision Gael joined the team at Ecofinity Canada Inc. She was hired as the Operations Manager and progressed into the role of Director of Initiatives. In this work she created relationships within the builder community and continues with ongoing work with charitable organizations such as Habitat for Humanity and The Centre for Newcomers. Gael is committed to this community focus.

This is a long list of accomplishments that is unique in the industry. Gael has a talent for networking, creating communities that work and for finding solutions to complex problems. The word “no” is not in her vocabulary and her tenacity and humour are well known to builders, Builder Associations’, all levels of government and consumers alike.

Tierra Diosa Consulting Inc.